Buyers Guide to Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Grade A- Golden Color/Delicate Flavor (compares to Vt. Fancy). Usually produced at the beginning of the new maple season. Pour this grade over ice cream for a maple sundae, sometimes called the Sugarmakers’ Favorite Dessert.

Grade A-Amber Color with rich taste (compares well to the former Medium Amber). Usually made about mid-season and seems to be the popular for all around use. A very good and popular choice for gifts.

Grade A-Dark color/Robust flavor (compares well to the former Grade B). As the maple season progresses, the syrup darkens in color and develops a more robust maple flavor. This grade is great over meats, in squash and for all around use.

Grade A-Very dark color/strong flavor (Even darker than Grade B). Produced at the end of the season, this grade is perfect for cooking baked beans, breads and cookies.

Storage tips: Always refrigerate your syrup after opening. You can store it in your freezer to prevent crystallization. You can freeze and thaw any number of times - just thaw completely, mixing in any condensation on top before each use.
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup